Stan Beres Jr.
                                            NABBA Bodybuilder 

Available Services

Contest Prep Coaching - Bodybuilding, Physique or Bikini

Let Demon Fitness guide you step by step to help you achieve your ultimate, stage ready physique. Starting with a complete analysis of your current physique, diet and training we will then provide you with a realistic assessment of when you can expect to be stage ready and help you decide on which show to choose. From the beginning of prep, a customized diet, training and cardio plan will be provided and updated weekly to ensure continual progress throughout prep. I will help you decide which diet approach is best for you, whether it be keto, carb cycling, high carb, etc... Package also includes help with posing, tanning, supplementation and peak week protocols and much more.   ~ $85/month

Weight Loss

Not everyone wants to cut down to the necessary 5 or 6% bodyfat to get onto the competitive stage, but many of us wouldn't mind shedding a few pounds in order to get healthier and feel better about ourselves. Let Demon Fitness set you up with a REALISTIC weight loss plan that will promise continual weight loss along with the knowledge on how to eat to maintain your weight once you reach your goal. No crash diets, no gimmicks, no fat burners - just healthy dieting techniques you can understand to get you feeling and looking good again! Price includes a custom diet and cardio plan.   ~ $55/month

Muscle/Strength Building

The majority of people who step foot into a gym have no desire to compete as a bodybuilder, but may have other goals such as sports performance or general strength. Demon Fitness can help design a complete training protocol to aid you in whatever your goal may be - whether it be more explosiveness on the football field or pulling a new PR at your next powerlifting meet. We have the knowledge and practical experience to help you reach your goals! Price includes a custom diet, training and cardio plan.   
~ $65/month