Stan Beres Jr.
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Client Testimonials


I have been a client of Stan and Team Demon Fitness for a few years. I chose Stan for this last contest prep and I'll say - 5 stars! He understands the science of bodybuilding. I didn't starve for this prep and I was in the best shape of my life for this show. I recommend Stan for overall goals or competing. Also to top it off he is a family man like myself.

Stan was there every step of the way. Watched all my moves. Because of his knowledge of bodybuilding, the science of the sport and the timing and macros needed to achieve a great physique - it brought me 2nd in novice and 3rd in open in my first show. Now that i have the competition in my blood I am keeping him as my permanent coach until the day I can't compete anymore. Also to add because of his post contest workouts and macros I have had no rebound and I am experiencing awesome gains. Again team DEMON number 1 across the boards!


I always wanted to compete in a men's physique competition but had no clue where to start. I stumbled upon Stan's site one day when looking for a coach, I figured I'd give it a shot and sent him an email. Stan replied very fast and explained his process, he also helped me pick a show to compete in.

Working with Stan was great, he always gave me an honest assessment and let me know how I was doing. If I had any questions he answered them really fast. I feel I couldn't have completed this journey without his help. It was amazing watching my body change and making it to the stage.


I was in the middle of contest prep, 10 weeks in to be exact, and I was in trouble. I wasn't lean enough and at the rate I was going, there was no possible way I was going to get stage ready. I contacted Stan and asked him if he could help me. Stan has given his experience in the world of training and bodybuilding for probably well over a year now, but this time it was a little different. I had a specific goal in mind, to do my first natural bodybuilding show. The date was picked, the show was paid for, and I was nowhere near being ready in 10 weeks time. Stan and I spoke of him picking up the rest of my contest prep pieces and helping formulate a plan. Honestly, I didn't think it could happen, but Stan thought otherwise. He assured me it wasn't going to be easy, but that it could be done. The Stan I know is a straight talker and I knew he wouldn't BS me just to get a client, his integrity is worth far more than the more than fair rate he charges.

He was right, it wasn't easy. But, his plans were well laid out, simple, thorough, and most of all...EFFECTIVE. I lost 20lbs in 9 1/2 weeks with his help and stepped on stage feeling confident and in the best shape of my life. I am greatly indebted to Stan for helping me through a situation to which I thought was hopeless. Mid-prep with Stan, while very happy with my services with him, I had told him that I didn't think I would ever do another show because it really isn't my scene. He told me, "Compete first and then tell me that again. This sport has a way of catching you after the first one." Well, needless to say, Stan will be doing my prep for 2015 Spring shows. I wholeheartedly recommend Stan to any and all who are even toying with the idea of competing.

One final note:

There are few people I know with the devotion and overall total character it takes to help others the way Stan does. His communication was always accessible and timely. Half way through my prep with Stan, his life was shaken with a devastating blow. His mother had passed suddenly. I cannot imagine the emotional and spiritual stress this would put on someone and their life, for I have not experienced the same. However, despite my constant insistence that I would figure the rest of prep out on my own, or turn to another friend or coach during these solemn times, Stan stood behind his promise to get me to the stage and to achieve my goals; and do that he did. He responded to any and all questions I posed, made prep dietary and training revisions, and made sure to guide me down the roads I needed to be on. If there is anything that speaks to his ability to be there for you as a client, a friend, or just a fellow man, this speaks volumes to who he is as a person, trainer, husband, brother, and son. I hold Stan in the highest regard and with the utmost respect.


I got really serious with bodybuilding about a year ago, and when it was time to cut and get ready for my long journey to the stage I knew I was going to need help. That is where Stan came in. Stan was my contest prep coach for 22 weeks. He devised a great workout and nutrition plan for me. He even made adjustments bi-weekly to keep my progress from becoming stagnant. Anytime I had a question (about my contest prep or life in general) Stan was eager to help and always gave tremendous advice. Things got tough towards the end simply due to the nature of the sport, but I had confidence in myself, the plan, and my coach which allowed me to step on the stage looking as good as I possibly could have. I ended up winning first place overall in two different classes (junior and novice) in my first show ever! Two weeks later I stepped on stage looking even better than in my first show. I took third in my open class at that show! The entire experience was amazing. At one point I had lost nearly 40 pounds. It was honestly one of the more rewarding experiences I have had in my life. I learned so much about fitness, nutrition, and myself as a person that I know will help me to become very successful in my future bodybuilding endeavors. I truly owe all of this to Stan for being such a great coach and friend throughout my journey.


Stan was and is a great trainer. He did everything for me. The one thing that really helped me the most was the updated meal plans and how he had every thing planned out. The posing once a week really helped a lot also. Now I know I live in the same town as him and he can help me in person unlike some of the others he trains. All in all he did all the work and made prep so easy on me. When I do my next show I will be using him again.


When I first decided I wanted to compete I knew I had to find a coach to help guide me in the process. Preparing for a competition let alone even getting lean was something new to me and I didn't want to leave it to chance. I went online, did some research and came across Stan. He had already brought in a couple guys in great shape and after reading their logs on I knew Stan was the real deal. I contacted Stan in October of last year and told him my aspirations. He was very supportive and helped me immensely in order to bring up some weak points of mine before prepping. Everything was very detailed and laid out nicely. Getting into contest prep it was an amazing experience and I dropped 40lbs! I had never been lean or able to see my abs so this was a completely new experience for me. Being able to get there would of been very hard if not for Stan. He made the map and I followed it and ended up placing 1st in my first contest! I highly recommend Stan for any contest prep or even just for someone looking to get into the gym.


Contest prep with Stan... Oh where to begin with this one. Well to start it off I have been lifting for about 3 years with no real direction. My mom (who is 45) made a bet with me that if she did a show, I would have to as well. To my disbelief she jumped and the wagon and took off, so I was left in a hurry to find a coach. I searched and stumbled upon Stan. I then did a little "shopping around" and he seemed to have exactly what I was looking for in a coach. We started 16 weeks out and he was with me from day 1. If there was anything I needed I just shot him an email and received a response within a few hours. If he couldn't answer my question due to time, he would still shoot me an email back saying he will get with me ASAP which is something not very many coaches will do. Of course contest prep is by no means easy, but with Stan supporting me and giving the boost and motivation when I was down, there was no way to fail. Not only was Stan my coach he was also a friend. He always had open ears. Looking back at my 16 week transformation it still amazes me. I always wanted to be ripped and step on stage but never had the right criteria. Thanks to Stan not only did I hit ~5% BF, I was in the best shape of my life and competed in my first men's physique show with my mom by my side! I could have never done it without him, thanks Stan for everything!!


I worked with Stan for 8 months. First of all it was to lose fat but a few months later I decided to compete which was certainly a great decision. Stan was with me whatever my goal was and lead the way. Living in the UK there are time differences but this never affected us, always having quick responses, be it questions or updates. Not only was Stan a good coach, I also learned and experienced a lot through my experience. I competed and had a great experience throughout. At times it may not be easy during preparation but having a coach takes a huge weight off your shoulders who can also advise you of how to overcome things, with the help of Stan�s own competing experience.